Event description

The Intel® Software Developer Conference London is the annual leading event for Software Developers, Software Architects, Quants, Data Scientists, R&D Directors and CxOs in Finance, High-Technology, Research and HPC.

Join technology experts and software leaders for 2 days to learn and understand how Intel technologies and Intel software for High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics will impact software development and the future of your business.

This is the 4th edition and again we have a great list of speakers from around the World, including Robert Geva, Jim Cownie, Julia Fedorova, Evgueny Khartchenko, Andrey Nikolaev, Alex Katranov, Dmitry Prohorov, Gabriele Pacciuci, Janko Strassburg and Stephen Blair-Chappell (both from Bayncore), plus several guest speakers from the HPC and Finance industry.

Click here to download the agenda.

Here is why you should not miss this event:
•Learn about current and future technologies from Intel, including next generation Intel® Xeon and Intel® Xeon Phi (aka Knights Landing) processors, and also the 3D XPoint™ memory technology and the Intel® Omni-Path Fabric.
•Learn how to maximize the performance of parallel code using C / C++ / Fortran and Python on Intel® platforms with relevant and actionable information.
•Learn from experts during in depth technical sessions and real world case studies.
•Meet and network with your peers from the industry and with software development experts and leaders from Intel.