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Access Control Systems to Protect Your Business

Tuesday , 27, October 2020 Comments Off on Access Control Systems to Protect Your Business

Are your assets safe? Have you ever been robbed of your business or home, or have you ever let people go where they shouldn't be? While padlocks and keys are the answer, advances in technology have provided us with several alternatives to carrying bulky, cumbersome key chains.

Now automatic doors and security doors make entry and exit much easier and safer, and the automatic control of these systems has created a variety of access control technologies.

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The lock itself has changed a lot since it was first introduced as the leading access control method. Today, hotels, businesses and even closed communities use keycards instead of metal keys to provide access to visitors, employees and residents. But even the term keycard is a bit obscure considering the different types of keycards.

Magnetic stripe cards use a magnetic strip (such as the one on the back of a credit card) that passes through a reader to carry the information needed to access an area.

This is typically done by a reader that releases an electric or magnetic lock that can be used to open the door, or a "magnetic stripe" reader activates the electric gate operator which opens a security gate that allows vehicles to enter.

 These cards allow for more specific programming, create different access levels and eliminate the need to collect keys from former employees or occupants so you can deactivate them from one central location.