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Applications of Forensic Science

Wednesday , 21, April 2021 Comments Off on Applications of Forensic Science

Various forensic sciences and the application of forensic sciences as practical tools to assist police in conducting investigations. Various types of physical evidence can be found at almost any crime scene. The types of evidence and where it is found can assist investigators to develop a sense of how the crime was committed. 

Crime scene measurement tools marks where a door was forced open can indicate a point of entry, shoe prints can show a path of travel, and bloodstains can indicate an area where conflict occurred. Each of these pieces of physical evidence is a valuable exhibit capable of providing general information about spatial relationships between objects, people, and events.

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In addition, the application of forensic examination and analysis could turn any of these exhibits into a potential means of solving the crime.

There are a wide variety of forensic tools and services available for criminal investigators. For any investigator, knowledge of forensic tools and services provides him/her with the ability to recognize and seize on evidence opportunities that would not otherwise be possible.

The picture of physical evidence found at any crime scene only has face value as a collection of objects to be viewed and considered in their existing connection to the event. Analysis of those same objects using forensic tools can add significant information, making a circumstantial connection between the players and the event, and adding new insights. Forensic analysis can make the difference between solving a crime and it becoming a cold case.