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Auto Paint Touch-Up

Thursday , 17, December 2020 Comments Off on Auto Paint Touch-Up

Automatic painting work can be carried out efficiently and professionally by trained technicians. Depending on the size of the area to be touched, different methods can be used to perform the work.

Very small paint chips can be fixed with touch varnish and a very small brush. If the area to be repaired is slightly larger, it can be fixed by spraying the paint with an airbrush or a small touch gun. You must look for the best auto body equipment to make your car like brand new.

The colors used to touch the paint automatically come from a variety of sources. Small bottles of paint for repairing small chips with a small touch brush can be purchased from dealers. A small amount of spray paint is obtained from the garage.

Paint is purchased to match the original existing paint color. The paint color is usually referred to as paint code, which is printed on a sticker or label that is somewhere on the car in an inconspicuous place, i.e. on a firewall or external door. With this pants code, car kit shops can mix in a little paint to match the original color.

The area to be repaired should first be cleaned with a gentle solvent to remove any wax, grease or dirt. After cleaning, the area is lightly sanded to prepare the old paint to pick up the new paint so that it will bond chemically and physically with the existing paint.

After wet sanding, the area is sprayed with a primer intended to adhere to the bare metal surface. After the primer has hardened sufficiently, the area is sprayed with colored paint. The colors are blended in an area slightly larger than the existing painted surface, thus blending out the color differences.