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Basics Of Covid-19 Antibody Testing

Friday , 17, December 2021 Comments Off on Basics Of Covid-19 Antibody Testing

Recovered from novel coronavirus, but still not sure if you have antibodies? Took the vaccine, but are you confident that the vaccines have started working for you? Got exposed to Covid-19, but do you know if you are immune to it or not?

COVID-19 Total Antibody Testing is the answer to your above questions! If you are interested in covid 19 testing then you can schedule an appointment through

The Basics of Antibody Testing

Antibody testing is a type of blood test that can determine if you were previously infected with COVID-19. The presence of specific antibodies suggests that you have been exposed and your body produced the blood proteins to fight against the virus.

Covid-19 antibody Test

The immune system forms antibodies to identify and destroy harmful foreign substances (antigens), such as bacteria and viruses.

Covid-19 antibody tests are conducted to detect the presence of antibodies in the blood that has been produced against coronavirus. Covid-19 antibody tests can be of two types: Qualitative and Quantitative.

The coronavirus Antibody Test is performed to determine the blood level of antibodies developed against the virus by the body's immune system. A positive Coronavirus antibody test indicates a probability that the person was infected by coronavirus at some point in the past. Also, a positive result does not indicate that a person currently has a Covid-19 infection.