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Boom Truck Insurance – Advantageous Safety Features

Saturday , 28, March 2020 Comments Off on Boom Truck Insurance – Advantageous Safety Features

When determining insurance premiums, a boom truck insurance provider takes many factors into consideration. One of the most important factors is safety features. Having working safety features will greatly reduce insurance rates. Additionally, many safety features are required by law. 

Retroreflective sheeting is also a requirement for trailers. The total length of the sheeting on the sides should be half the length of the trailer. It should also extend across the rear of the trailer. There are websites such as that provide all the necessary information regarding boom truck insurance. 

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Front fog lamps are an excellent safety feature. If they are used, it must be in conjunction with headlights, rather than as an alternative to headlights.


The storage compartment for the battery must be sealed and all corrosive leads must be painted with acid-resistant paint. Naturally, all wiring must be properly insulated with proper grounding.


All boom trucks must be equipped with a braking system adequate for the weight of the combined truck and trailer in operation. Parking breaks must also be used. The brakes must be active on all wheels. The brakes must always be in good condition. This means that any damage or wearing of brake pads, brake chambers, and slack adjusters should be remedied as soon as possible. Anti-lock brakes are also required on all trucks.


All tires must be in working condition, meaning that the belt is not exposed through the tread. Tires used must be capable of supporting the weight and distribution of a load.

Boom Truck Insurance Companies

Some boom truck insurance companies such as the boom truck insurance group and the direct boom truck insurance company will actually go out to inspect the boom trucks for safety before they consider insuring the vehicle. If the boom trucks do not pass their safety test, they may not issue an insurance policy.