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Canvas Art Never Disappoints

Friday , 19, November 2021 Comments Off on Canvas Art Never Disappoints

A lot of people nowadays are relying on canvas art prints for decorating their homes. If you’re looking for a unique and stunning makeover for your house, then look no further than canvas art prints.

Canvas artwork in Australia offers endless possibilities for exploration, from the materials you use to paint it to the themes that you display to the framing methods you use.

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There is great scope for innovation and you can even experiment with framing techniques. You can either frame using traditional techniques or do so unconventionally by framing print without a mat or glazing or mounting canvases over wooden stretchers. 

You need to adjust the dimensions of your canvas print when framing the print without a mat or glazing. For example with an 11×7" canvas print, you can look for an 11×7" ready-made frame or else cut off 1.5" off the end of each frame. 

You can then mount the print onto a backing board using a suitable glazing panel. You can also mount canvases over wooden stretchers using different wrapping techniques. 

In Standard wrap, staples are used to fix canvases to the frame. An outer decorative frame can be used for hiding staples when using this type of wrapping. 

Canvas art is also providing the facility of Gallery wrap. The image does not extend over-frame edges in this technique. 

Images should have visual appeal for them to form a good exhibit. You can produce art for commercial purposes or individual benefits.