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Electrician – Duties, Functions, Responsibilities

Wednesday , 2, September 2020 Comments Off on Electrician – Duties, Functions, Responsibilities

Electrician refers to someone who specializes in equipment related to the electrical wirings and the building structure. An electrician is a trader, which means that he is a manual worker who happens to be skilled in a particular field of craft or trade. It also means that he is not considered labor. But then again, he was also unprofessional. You can hire a master electrician in North Shore online at

The electrician is also responsible for preparing and improving the electrical system in the building or a particular structure. With this, it is considered as part of the construction industry. He was needed at the construction site, especially from the business and enterprise. He is part of the maintenance team of any structures or establishments that maintain normal electrical function.

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An electrician does not just set up, maintain, and repair electrical wiring conditions. He also works for stage performances or for all types of performing arts which need proper electrical function. In this case, it becomes an electric stage.

In concert or musical stage play, for example, an electrician is needed in setting up temporary lighting on stage. On stage, stage lighting is a skill that an electrician had. He is responsible for art and choreography lighting – when dancers light when the focus of the spotlight for an actress or when to turn a light on and off among many other stage lighting effects.

He has to learn every step in installing this type of electrical construction of certain structures. There are different styles of installing electrical construction in every different style of house building. All this must be learned by someone who plans to be an electrician.