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Electronic Tracking Systems Performance

Tuesday , 11, January 2022 Comments Off on Electronic Tracking Systems Performance

The Miner Act requires that electronic tracking systems be installed in coal mines to aid rescue efforts in the event of an emergency. Underground communication systems offer an opportunity for personnel on the surface to determine which workers are in the mine and the area in which they work.

A lot of mines utilize manual tracking to track the underground miners and their place of residence. If they are using the manual tracker, at the beginning of every shift, the mine's foreman supplies to the person in charge of dispatching a listing of the people they are tracking and where they are in the mine. 

Manual tracking is not without its own set of drawbacks. A miner's location can be identified as being inside a work section, which can be massive, and thus difficult to determine the exact location of a miner. Sometimes, a miner will fail to inform the dispatcher before moving to a new worksite.

A different kind of technology for tracking ( node-based electronic tracking) makes use of the communications link between an electronic radio and a node. The node analyzes the radio's signal strength of the radio of a miner to determine how far it is to an actual one or more nodes (or more than one node) to determine the location of the miner.

Apart from determining where you are, there are also essential characteristics to trackers. The system should be able to monitor the highest number of people in the zone of coverage.