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Essential Children’s Room Accessories

Saturday , 28, May 2022 Comments Off on Essential Children’s Room Accessories

If you are looking to improve your child's room, consider the following essential accessories. Multi-functional wooden toy chests are an excellent choice. Bean bag covers will keep them comfortable. Easy-wipe wall paint is a good option. Artwork inspired by graffiti artists makes a wonderful addition to a child's room. These accessories are both functional and fun. You can buy them at home or shop online. But, before you buy them, consider the safety and durability of the products.

Multi-functional wooden toy chests

If you are looking for a toy box for your child's room, consider buying a multi-functional wooden toy chest. These storage pieces are made to fit in perfectly with other furniture in the child's room and they can even fit into the overall theme of the child's room. Regardless of what your child enjoys doing, they'll find that a toy chest will grow with them as they grow older.

Toy chests are often rectangular in shape, and many have lift-off lids to make it easy to access toys inside. Most do not have many compartments, but they can still be useful storage solutions. Toy chests may even come with dividers for additional storage. Some models come with built-in benches and storage areas. This way, your child can use a toy chest as a bookcase while still having additional storage space.

Bean bag covers

Kids love bean bags, and they are easy to move around the room. Some are even made for outside, so the kids can enjoy them on the porch, too! Choose a cozy cover for your child's favorite bean bag to create a cocooning feeling for them. Mighty-B Beanbags use body heat to mold to your child's shape, providing extreme comfort and delightful patterns. Whether you're using the oversized bean bag for playtime or for your children's bedroom, you'll find it is a great accessory for your child's room.

Colorful bean bag chairs add whimsy to a space. Choose bean bag chairs in saturated colors, pastels, or polka dots. Or, pick one in a more neutral color, such as white, and get a simple monogrammed cover. It's always nice to include your child's name in their room's name, too! If your child is too young to have a bed, you can use a bean bag chair as a storage space.

Easy-wipe wall paint

If you have a little one who loves to decorate the walls of their room, consider an easy-wipe wall paint for kids' rooms. These wall paints are ideal for children's rooms, as they don't hold stains like eggshell paint does. Moreover, you can wipe them clean with soap and water to remove dirt and stains. Easy-wipe wall paints are also ideal for walls that will be exposed to lots of playtime.

Choose a paint that will stand up to a child's abuse. Children's rooms see plenty of dirt and grease, which is why you should go for an easy-wipe paint for kids' rooms. It won't smear or chip easily and won't withstand too much traffic. A durable paint will also prevent your kid from getting in trouble when the paint is spilled.

Graffiti inspired artwork

Children's room decor can be fun, colorful and eclectic. Using graffiti inspired art is a great way to incorporate street art into the decor. Wall stickers, tinfoil walls, and painted tattoo pins are some examples of wall decor with a street art theme. Using these designs can be a lot of fun, and your child will love to help you create them! The possibilities are endless!

The power of colour can inspire, heal, motivate, and create a happy feeling in people. Kids are especially sensitive to colours and their impact on the human mind. For example, red is a powerful colour, energizes the mind, and works well as a wall or accent. However, children are not necessarily suited to cool colours – they tend to associate blue and sterility with cool environments. Choose shades that are full of contrast and softness.

Easy-to-install removable wallpaper

When it comes to choosing a wallpaper for your child's room, the removable kind is a good choice because they do not require special adhesives. Plus, you can remove them easily. Simply peel back from a corner to remove them. This way, you will not ruin your walls. Removable wallpaper is also easy to clean, as it only requires a wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth.

Another option is painter's tape, which you can use to create a grid for your removable wallpaper. This type of tape has a pressure-sensitive backing and is meant to stick to the wall when it is pressed. You can test the tape before you apply it to the wall so that you know if it adheres or not. It might show a blue tint when the wallpaper is light-colored.

Storage boxes

For extra storage space, use multi-functional furniture. For example, a painted panel with floating shelves makes a perfect desk area. A magnetic strip on the back of the shelving unit secures metal objects in place. Floating shelves are also great for storing keepsakes. And if space is at a premium, buy a trundle bed. If you have extra space, consider adding a bar cart with storage underneath.

Alternatively, you can buy wire toy baskets that hang on the wall and can be removed for playtime. Some of these baskets are labeled so you can easily sort through the contents. During playtime, you can limit your child's access to one basket at a time. These shelves allow you to organize and store the toys neatly. Moreover, they can keep toys out of the reach of small hands and prevent accidents.