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First Aid At Work

Tuesday , 3, August 2021 Comments Off on First Aid At Work

The first aid at work arrangement is a little like an insurance policy. Although we all hope not to need it, it is good to have it in case it does. The law requires employers to provide a safe work environment. The emphasis is on preventing the need for first aid at work. 

Employers must ensure that employees receive appropriate first aid in the event of an emergency. This is because, while illness and accidents can happen at any moment, it can be minimized if the person or people affected receives immediate care. A minor injury or illness can cause much less disruption and damage if it is treated quickly. You can also check out here to get more information about first aid at work training.

first aid at work

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A rule of thumb is that the more employees in a workplace, the greater the need for adequate treatment. Employers should ensure that there is at least one fully-stocked first aid kit on their premises. This must be located in a prominent and visible location that employees can easily access.

The person responsible for first aid should be properly trained and proficient in all techniques and procedures. A second person should be appointed to handle emergencies in case the primary first aid person is unable to be there.


Employees should also be aware of the first aid procedures and what to do in case someone becomes seriously ill or is injured. This information should be displayed prominently in the workplace. Large, easy-to-read, and understand posters outlining the first aid at work arrangements generally work best.