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General Advice for Back Pain Relief

Wednesday , 12, May 2021 Comments Off on General Advice for Back Pain Relief

Chronic back pain plagues millions. Students carry around 40-pound backpacks, while adults hunch over a computer monitor for eight or more hours a day. The familiar sound of mothers reminding their children not to slouch and keep their elbows off the table seems to have been left somewhere in the '50s.

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Instead, we kick back on the couch, watching TV or surfing the web while we eat. It's no surprise that so many Americans suffer from back pain.

Back pain can be caused by a multitude of things. If you have back pain, it's always best to see a doctor first. However, often the cure for back pain is simply a healthier lifestyle.

We can't be surprised when our backs give out after forcing them to take on so much abuse. The back is meant to support the neck and head, while our abdominal muscles and quadriceps are usually meant to tackle the rest.

One question you can ask yourself if you're puzzled about your back is: how many sit-ups can you do? The lower the number, the less weight your stomach is supporting each time you bend over, lift something heavy, or even slouch.

So, in most cases (not all, don't forget about your doctor), a painful back is a sign of bad posture and weak muscles.

To repair the damage done, it's best to do three things. The first being the one we all avoid the most: exercise. Exercise is the best way to build new muscles, such as sit-ups and lunges. If traditional exercises are too difficult, a weighted hula hoop is a wonderful way to build up your core muscles slowly.