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Get A Gorgeous, Golden Glow Through Self Tanning!

Wednesday , 28, July 2021 Comments Off on Get A Gorgeous, Golden Glow Through Self Tanning!

When the sun comes out, the skin comes out – that's the trend! But when this time comes around, insecurities start to pop out in even the most confident of individuals.

You think, "It's a perfect day to wear a pair of shorts but my legs are too pale!" How can such insecurities stem from a problem with such an easy solution? Beautisol is the very gem that will combat these problems and leave you feeling fresh, youthful, glowing, and happy!

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Why Self Tan?

Although we love and worship the sun (some people may prefer tanning beds, but the result is the same), excessive exposure to the sun may lead to sunburn or even skin cancer. UV radiation, further divided into UVA (Ultraviolet A) and UVB (Ultraviolet B) rays, are responsible for the physical stresses that ail the body under excessive sun exposure.

UVA rays actually create the darker color in the skin through tanning, but are also responsible for accelerated aging of the skin. UVB rays, on the other hand, are the main culprits responsible for sunburn and skin cancer through DNA damage.

It's true that the sun gives us minimal amounts of Vitamin D, but the cons far outweigh the benefits. Sunless tanning do not retain the use of UV radiation, so it is seen as a much healthier alternative to sun tanning.