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Grand Canyon River Rafting Adventures

Friday , 28, February 2020 Comments Off on Grand Canyon River Rafting Adventures

Rafting through the Grand Canyon is the experience of a lifetime. Viewing the canyon from along the rim is a stunning experience by itself.

Many river recreation outfitters offer guided rafting tours through the Grand Canyon. More information about canyon river rafting is also available at creativity and madness.

rafting through the grand canyon

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The Grand Canyon was formed over several million years. An ancestral version of the Colorado River gradually shook the earth, creating this stunning formation.

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the planet. The canyon is over 250 miles long and is more than a mile deep in some parts.

Grand Canyon river rafting is one of the most interesting experiences available. These river rafting tours generally run several days and many last over a week.

These tours often include side trips to areas in the bottom of the canyon where travelers close to the river. Visitors often stop and analyze Native American ruins and intriguing geological formations.

There are several options for travelers that want to navigate the Colorado River through the canyon. Some outfitters provide motorized rafts for people that want to see the canyon but may not be prepared or able to paddle a boat through the rapids.

Grand Canyon river rafting is one of a kind adventure. Rafters can analyze a few of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet while navigating among the continent's greatest rivers.