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Guide To Different Commercial Awning Types

Monday , 8, November 2021 Comments Off on Guide To Different Commercial Awning Types

Choosing the right awning for your commercial outdoor space can be confusing. There are lots of different awning styles to choose from and it can often be difficult to decide which type will work best for your business. 

So, here we give you a simple overview of the different commercial awnings. Whether you need a shop front awning to stand out on the high street or to create an outdoor dining area for your restaurant, we have an awning style to suit. You can even find here various styles of commercial awnings for you. 

Retractable Awning

This is probably the most well-known of our awning types and styles. Mounted to the wall or ceiling, the fabric extends outwards by up to 3.5 meters to provide a good area of shelter and shade. Ideal for shop fronts and gardens or terraces, the retractable awning is a firm favourite amongst both our commercial and residential customers.

Drop Arm Awning

Drop arm awnings are typically installed above windows which are subject to lots of sun glare and heat. The roller bar sits neatly above the window frame and the fabric awning extends out and downwards to provide optimum shade. These are particularly effective on windows that are too high for a traditional retracting bar awning.  

Freestanding Awning

Our freestanding awnings feature two awnings mounted onto a single central bar in the centre. The fabric extends out and slightly downwards on either side of the middle bar to provide a large area of shade. This awning can be fixed to the ground pretty much anywhere making it extremely versatile and perfect for creating shaded outdoor seating areas.