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How a Crime Scene Investigator Investigate the Crime Scene?

Monday , 2, March 2020 Comments Off on How a Crime Scene Investigator Investigate the Crime Scene?

 Have you watched most of the movies which cater on finding the suspect for a specific crime?

In this article, we will be discussing the basics of crime scene investigation and what are the typical scenarios along with the process. 

The first step is to through the crime scene. The main reason for checking the scene is to gather evidence.

Anything that might help the investigators pinpoint the culprit. At the same manner, they are documenting these evidence for further investigation. Before getting this evidence, the investigator normally surveys the place without touching anything. He/she could take pictures and videos of the actual scenario from automatic camera calibration detects a calibration pattern in test images before the important things will be collected.

crime scene reconstruction software

Next step is to have the things analyzed. For material things, forensic experts do the job. However, for video forensics software and voice recordings, there is a specialized division who analyzes the data. Normally, for analyzing voice recordings, they are using the sound wave measurements, mix and match the audio, and they will find a lead.

For video recordings, normally they are spotting the familiar places, the familiar faces, and the things that might lead them to find the lead. For fingerprints, it is easy to determine who has the last touch since the information is stored in the database. They use the best photogrammetric tool-set for measuring any subject or crime scene captured in at least one or several images/video frames.