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How to Choose the Best Tap Water Filtration Systems For Home Use

Thursday , 16, September 2021 Comments Off on How to Choose the Best Tap Water Filtration Systems For Home Use

Choosing the best tap water filter system for home use can be very difficult. You might think that you can go online and easily find the right system for your needs and budget. The thing is, there are so many competing technologies that you feel like you have to be a water expert to buy the right one. 

For starters, there are basically two classes of contaminants you need to filter out, organic and inorganic. Let's take a quick look at the most popular filtration system for home.

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Distillers work by evaporating water that needs to be filtered by heating. The water vapor is cooled and condensed in another clean container. Although stills are one of the most expensive tap water filtration systems, they do have some drawbacks. One of them, of course, is cost. The other is the fact that you may not want to use it to filter chlorinated water. You see, chlorine can combine with organic contaminants already in the water to form a class of chemicals called trihalomethanes. It is carcinogenic and, due to its volatility, cannot be easily separated from good water by heat.

Ultraviolet light

One of my favorite filter systems for tap water is ultraviolet, or UV light. UV works by killing everything that lives in your water. These are things like bacteria, viruses, or microorganisms. UV works well and is inexpensive. The only problem with UV is that it can't do anything to inorganic contaminants like lead, asbestos, or pesticides.

Whichever tap water filtration system you choose, you are doing yourself a favor. Gone are the days when you could turn on the faucet at home and get good, clean water out of it. Right now you have to protect yourself and your family by filtering your own water!