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How To Take Care Of New Ink Tattoo

Wednesday , 7, April 2021 Comments Off on How To Take Care Of New Ink Tattoo

New tattoos require special care to prevent infection and ensure the long-lasting integrity of the ink. It can be a little worrying, but once you get it, your tattoo will be on the healing path in no time.

Tattoo care is a personal choice and not everyone is created equal; So, follow your contractor's instructions for their recommended practices. You can find the best foam cleanser online via for your tattoo.

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Wash your tattoo with warm water and the cleanser of your choice. Do this carefully by hand. Never use abrasives as a washcloth on your tattoo as this can cause additional irritation and protect against bacteria that could cause infection.

Clean the tattoo until it doesn't feel slippery and slimy, then gently exfoliate it with a clean, dry cloth. Don't rub! Remember that your tattoo is very painful and tender. So don't be too aggressive in cleaning it.

Let it dry for 15 minutes and apply the ointment to the tattoo. Remove the excess. NEVER apply ointment without cleaning the tattoo first – this will trap harmful bacteria that can cause infection.

Wash as usual for the first two nights and cover with a piece of plastic wrap and masking tape. This prevents irritation and protects sheets and clothes from stains. First, wash it in the morning as described above.

If you prefer to leave them open, wear old pajamas and use old sheets that don't appeal to you. Your tattoo will stop running after a few days and you can clean it before bed without sticking it on.