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Important Points To Consider Before Outdoor Speaker Installation

Friday , 4, March 2022 Comments Off on Important Points To Consider Before Outdoor Speaker Installation

A common complaint from external sound systems is that the music sounds mellow or sparse. To counter this effect caused by the openness of the outdoors, look for external speakers with a good subwoofer output of around 60Hz or lower. You may also want to add a subwoofer to warm up and enhance the sound.

After determining the placement of the speakers and subwoofer, you need to decide how to route the speaker cables. You can also hire outdoor speaker installation companies. Here are two simple rules to follow :

1) The fewer speaker wires running outside your home, the better; and

2) Do not run your cables through doors or windows.

These two rules are designed to ensure the longevity of your external speakers and minimal maintenance as the speaker wires are exposed and any creases and wrinkles that may occur will damage your wires and degrade the quality of your speakers.

If you're using rock or planter-style, external speakers, consider wrapping a few extra feet of cable in a safe place inside or under the unit in case you need to move them later.

The type of cable you use depends on where you attach the external speakers. There are certain types of burial and wall mounting wire, so make sure you determine how much of each type you need, and then add about 10-15% to account for unforeseen complications.

You should also consider the type of speaker cable connector your external speakers use, e.g. B. Post terminals that accept plug blades, pins, or banana plugs. They are usually recommended for bare wire termination for installing outdoor speakers.