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Information About Dog Training and Teaching Commands

Thursday , 12, March 2020 Comments Off on Information About Dog Training and Teaching Commands

For a successful owner of a dog, it is very important to understand that the dog training methods used in training a dog can vary due to numerous factors.

It is important to adapt and achieve a positive outcome. You can get the information. You can get information regarding the training of the puppy via

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Total control is the groundwork on which all succeeding training is based. The successful teaching of obedience is brought about by a series of repetitive forming exercises taught on command and put into practice under guidance, with the latter being discontinued at the earliest possible moment.

It is not to be expected that in teaching a dog a new exercise. He will be immediately aware of what is to be done or how to associate a command with the required action.

Before he does so, the same command, tone of voice and guided action will have to be carried out on repetitive occasions. Care should be taken to avoid boredom to both dog and owner.

As training progresses, the dog will learn to associate certain happenings with localities, sounds or people, and react accordingly. Whilst this type of association must be avoided at all costs in criminal work training, it is conversely, the basis upon which rests the eventual standard of the obedience training.

Words of command should be clear, concise and therefore preferably confined to single syllables. It is the sound and tone of the voice, not the volume which controls the dog.