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Intriguing Cult Films You Should Watch Again

Wednesday , 30, December 2020 Comments Off on Intriguing Cult Films You Should Watch Again

It's a little difficult to talk about cult films simply because it's so hard to define a working definition that works for them. On the one hand, you want to describe them as gross box office mistakes, but even so, some of the iconic films are actually box office favourites and even received critical acclaim. Here are some of the best cult films that you should watch.

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Warriors – "Warriors, out to play!" What about "Can You Dig It"? The film depicts the luxurious, gang-controlled city of New York, and when a gang leader is killed, the fighters are falsely accused.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail – This film is very strange because it is very English in terms of humour and appearance. Yet somehow Monty Python managed to put together one of the most unique films of all time, and its fans have been cited non-stop for decades. 

Blade Runner – One of the greatest science fiction films of all time. Many famous actors are taken to a crazy futuristic world that seems to combine American and Japanese culture with bleak sand technology that is more polluting than changing the world. fix. Is Harrison Ford Really Human? You have to be careful to be sure, but be careful because the debate heats up.

Staff – A black and white film about two lazy shopkeepers talking about mutual observations. Pop culture references are deadly, the number of strangers clicked on like old friends, and the world glimpsed Kevin Smith's world for the first time. Low budget movies don't get better.

Princess Bride – Critical success and favourite among critics and audiences. There are a few romantic comedies that can do what this film can do. The cast is outstanding, the script is strict and flawless (not to mention infinitely quoted), and tells a love story in a way that everyone can enjoy, regardless of gender or age.