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Introduction To Greenhouse Automation System

Tuesday , 29, September 2020 Comments Off on Introduction To Greenhouse Automation System

Technologies have nearly reached everywhere, be it in the specialized areas or the agricultural areas. Among the specified sectors where this technology has produced a fantastic effect is Greenhouse, as we call it.

Modern technologies are utilized to track certain environmental conditions that are a necessity to ensure optimum growth of plants in the greenhouse, improved crop productivity together with good usage of water, and other sources. To get more information you can search for greenhouse automation via

These conditions variables have to be well defined and the information concerning soil conditions, and climatic state parameters that impact the plant development, should be carefully collected through automated procedures. Doing this makes it possible to obtain great number of information at high frequency with less quantity of human help involved.

Although the PC and SMS- based systems are proven suitable to keep the user updated with the greenhouse status, multiple elements make it not worth the investments we make. These factors involve expensive rates, maintenance problems, bulky size,  and useless to unskilled workers.

Quite simply, once the sensor identifies changes, the microcontroller gets triggered and it reads data gathered from the detector at its input. In accordance with the requirement, the microcontroller causes corresponding relays to repay the ecological conditions and these parameters reach the greatest possible state.

Using a microcontroller, LCD screen, and continuous data logging procedure makes this project more user-friendly and cost-effective at precisely the identical time. Consequently, this project completely eliminates the requirement of setting-up the ecological conditions through effort and provides a flexible system.