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Make your Function Extra Special with Engraved Glass Awards

Saturday , 11, January 2020 Comments Off on Make your Function Extra Special with Engraved Glass Awards

Are you involved with some kind of club that holds an annual awards night? Maybe you are members of the committee for a local health club or a local drama club, or maybe you organize charity events involving volunteers each time. If you are looking for the inspirational ideas for 2d/3d subsurface laser engraving then you can visit here

Make your Function Extra Special with Engraved Glass Awards

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Regardless of whether you currently hold on awards night or you're thinking of holding one in the future you'll want to make sure the awards make a statement… and engraved glass awards do just that.

Little metal cups are all well and good for sports day at school, but professionally organized awards evenings need special awards that say a memorable thank you or well done to the recipients.

You not only can have a name engraved in a piece of crystal glass you choose, but you can also have the date of the award ceremony and a special message if appropriate. In fact, you can have anything you want to be engraved into the glass crystal provides it really fits.

The other type of celebration can also be celebrated with etched glass awards. Retired in your workplace can be presented with a special award to thank them for their years of hard work.

You can have a personal message engraved that means something to them and to you, quote that they are forever out with or anything that makes them think of you when they see it.

Getting the right words for carving may take a bit of thought but it sure beat the clock on the fireplace or watches that will never be used.