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Measures to Guard your Company Against Deepfakes

Friday , 23, July 2021 Comments Off on Measures to Guard your Company Against Deepfakes

To determine the appropriate response to the growing deepfake threat, you need to gather experts from your security practices and applied intelligence. Through this multidisciplinary collaboration, you need to develop a clear methodology that you can use to prepare for the effects of malicious attacks involving deepfakes. It also leads to distorted media direction.

This methodology is based on three pillars:

1) Training and awareness-raising among employees – Through proper training and by raising awareness, employees can become an additional line of defense. Training should focus on how technology is used in malicious attempts and how to detect it so that employees can identify social engineering efforts based on widespread fraud.

You should use a similar approach with customers to fight email-based phishing threats with great success through awareness programs.

2) Detection model – Even if risk reduction is completely impossible, early detection of fake media can help minimize the impact on your business. You need to partner with startups to develop models that can detect fake images and videos. This is critical to counter attempts by malicious participants to influence public opinion through deep falsification.

3) Response strategy – Make sure your company is prepared to respond appropriately to counterfeit goods. Create a plan that can be triggered when a deepfake is discovered. In this plan, it is important to define individual responsibilities and necessary actions.