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Newborn Baby Care: Dos And Don’ts

Thursday , 10, March 2022 Comments Off on Newborn Baby Care: Dos And Don’ts

Bringing a newborn baby into the home is an exciting experience, but it can quickly be overwhelming due to the significantly increased responsibilities.

Birth is a beautiful experience and the beginning of a new era in the mother's life. While there are certainly benefits to being a mother, the firstborn often need advice on proper newborn baby care.

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For first-time parents, it can be as confusing as it is exhilarating. This article compiles some useful tips to help the average new parent to take care of their precious newborn baby.

Do: Breastfeed Your Baby

Studies have shown that babies who are breastfed for at least a year tend to score higher in IQ tests later in life. Breast milk contains essential nutrients and antibodies which help the infant to grow healthy and strong. 

Don't: Hold Him/her Carelessly

A newborn baby has weak neck muscles and needs to be supported while being lifted, and one hand should be placed under the neck at all times especially when holding in a cradle-like position. 

Do: Practice Kangaroo Mother Care

A newborn baby begins his/her life from the womb and s/he is accustomed to tight surroundings, since the familiarity makes them feel secure.

It is for this reason that babies are swaddled tightly with a blanket from shoulder to toe. Another technique that is recommended by doctors is skin-to-skin bonding, better known as Kangaroo Mother Care. 

Don't: Overwhelm Your Newborn Baby

To celebrate the birth of a newborn baby, friends and family usually pay the mother a visit for a chance to hold and have a look at the new entrant. However, this can stress the child since she/he is not used to having many people around him/her.