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Online Supplement Stores – Are They Trustworthy?

Friday , 28, May 2021 Comments Off on Online Supplement Stores – Are They Trustworthy?

Online supplement stores are easy to use and provide a huge selection of various potions, pills and treatments that help an awful lot of people. However there is a note of caution to be sounded because sometimes fraudulent products are sold over the Internet and even in dedicated stores.

I personally know of someone who bought some cod liver oil tablets over the internet at a really discounted price. Unfortunately when he began to take them they tasted funny so he had them checked. They were not cod liver oil capsules but were full of light engine oil! When he went back to the site it was gone and no doubt up and operating under another name. You can also buy the best health & nutrition supplement through various online sources.

Recently with the fears of radiation in the wake of the Japanese earthquake underhand tactics have come to light. People in Vancouver Canada have been complaining about iodine pills being vastly overpriced and mis-labelled. In one case a woman was sold a bottle of pills that was labelled iodine but had a paper label calling it potassium iodide wrapped around it with an elastic band.

Then there are the so-called 'Magic Diet Pills' on offer that promise to melt away fat without the need for exercise or a reduction of food. These dietary supplements not only mislead people who are desperate to lose weight but actually contain hidden compounds and drugs that have not been adequately studied in humans.

Some weight-loss products have been found to contain drugs for brain seizure and blood pressure problems and carry a significant risk to unsuspecting consumers. Most of these dangerous products are sold by means of the Internet, but some can also be found on supplement store shelves. Consumers need to be aware of these tainted products and to avoid them.

You should always ask yourself if it sounds too good to be true and if it does it probably is so leave it alone. There is a need to be cautious if the claims for the supplement seem exaggerated or unrealistic. It doesn't harm to be a bit wary of personal testimonials" about the miraculous benefits obtained from using the supplement.