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Supporting The Logistics From Production To Transportation

Tuesday , 9, November 2021 Comments Off on Supporting The Logistics From Production To Transportation

Komatsu supports the logistics industry – an important part of the social infrastructure – with products that contribute to the efficient movement of materials and goods. Komatsu products are the best quality products for the logistics.

Komatsu Forklifts are involved in a wide range of logistics activities, from manufacturing equipment to shipping goods. Attachments are designed for materials to be processed. From start to finish, Komatsu parts kits ensure the logistics industry never stops.

The electric forklifts have a low impact on the environment and bring health benefits to indoor workers. This zero-emissions truck uses Komatsu's signature fast-fill system that requires no water to refill and is easy to maintain. Komatsu will continue to support the logistics industry with eco-friendly and work-friendly products.

The strength of Komatsu forklifts lies in the use of modern technology which allows for excellent durability and efficiency with low fuel consumption. With Komtrax, vehicle data and operating status are logged, properly maintained and repaired. Through reliable technology and services, they ensure that your construction site never slows down.

Komatsu thrives in community development, manufacturing, and energy resources. Komatsu also contributes to the aviation industry by providing products and services that support timely air travel. This includes tugboats, which are used for defense against takeoff and aircraft transport.