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The Cause and Treatment of Melasma in Charlotte

Thursday , 18, November 2021 Comments Off on The Cause and Treatment of Melasma in Charlotte

Melasma is characterized by darkened patches on the skin with an irregular appearance. These dark patches are most common on the forehead, cheeks, and nose, but can also appear elsewhere on the body. Their appearance on the face is what gave birth to the term pregnancy mask.

Melasma does not pose a danger to your health. Melasma is rarely a sign of a serious health problem. It can cause emotional pain and damage to your appearance. As mentioned above, It is known as the "mask of pregnancy" when it occurs in pregnant women. Although hormonal changes during pregnancy are believed to be the cause, there are other underlying causes and risk factors. Depending on your symptoms and distinct causes, you can opt for suitable melasma cure in Charlotte.

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* What are the Risk Factors and Causes of Skin Discoloration?

Melanin is the cause of discoloration. Melanin is responsible for your skin's color and tone. Melanin is secreted deep in the skin's layers by melanocytes and then injected into the new cells by mother cells nearby. A smooth tan can be achieved if melanin secretion is uniform. Melasma is when the secretion of melanin becomes clumped or more concentrated in certain areas than in others. The same happens to freckles or age spots.

* What are the treatments for skin darkening?

There are many options, but they come with risks. These treatments increase cell turnover, bleach the skin, or inhibit melanin production. Mild acids can sometimes be used to help the skin shed its outer layer of cells. These can cause irritation, redness, itching, and slow healing.