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The Habanero and Scotch Bonnet Peppers In Africa

Monday , 14, February 2022 Comments Off on The Habanero and Scotch Bonnet Peppers In Africa

When we hear the word "pepper", our minds immediately associate the term with something spicy. But like everything else in life, there are different levels of spiciness associated with different peppers — in other words, not all peppers are the same. 

Many Africans use Caribbean peppercorn sauce and Tabasco sauce and quickly get "burnt" and hastily reach for a glass of water. Some sauce typically uses Scotch Bonnet pepper, which is on the opposite end of the heat spectrum and shares Habanero's reputation as one of the hottest chilli peppers in the world. You can also buy these scotch bonnet pepper in Africa from various online sources.

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Bell peppers are similar in shape and both change from green to yellow, orange, or red when ripe. Despite the similarities, the Habanero is thought to have originated in Cuba, while the Scotch Bonnet is known to have originated in Africa. 

Scotch Bonnet is now mainly grown in Central Africa, while Scotch Bonnet is mainly grown in the Caribbean.

The unit of measure for pepper spiciness is the Scoville heat unit, which measures the level of capsaicin (the chemical in peppers that makes them hot) in peppers. In comparison, Tabasco peppers, which are very hot to some, have 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville heat units, while Habanero and Scotch Bonnet peppers have between 200,000 and 350,000 Scoville heat units.