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Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Monday , 2, December 2019 Comments Off on Tips For Safe Online Shopping

What is safe online shopping? The amount of money spent by the online store increased at an exceptional level due to the convenience, selection and low prices that can be found. This is all great but how do you know that you spend with leading web sites? It is important to understand what is safe online shopping, what to look for and what to avoid. Get more info about safe online shopping, through

How online shopping made secure? online shop safely using technology that protects the personal information that you provide when making a purchase online, your credit card details 'rushed' so that they cannot be captured by the "identity thieves" which aims to capture card credit or bank account details in order buy goods or a loan to get your name. Scrambling means personal information that cannot be read or taken by others.

Unbroken key or lock sealed in your browser window. Each icon indicates that the online store is safe. If the key lock is damaged or opened an online store is not secure.

Check the online store site link begins with "https" instead of "Http" when you provide personal information, such as credit card details. It indicates that you are in a secure area of the online store. If you see the words "SSL" i.e. Secure Sockets Layer, sometimes in a pop-up, you know you are shopping at the online store is safe and secure.