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What Are Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO and Why Is It Important?

Tuesday , 20, April 2021 Comments Off on What Are Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO and Why Is It Important?

GMOs or genetically modified organisms are living organisms that have been genetically modified or artificially manipulated inside a laboratory. This scientific type of genetic engineering has created diverse plant, animal, bacteria, and viral genes. Because of this unusual crossbreeding, GMO products have been produced to withstand direct herbicide application, while providing insecticide protection.

Since the first genetically modified crop in 1996, these crops have been known to accomplish several tasks. For example, certain GMO crops have been formulated to successfully withstand extreme weather conditions and even extend the product's shelf life. Some of these plants have been useful in producing biofuel which is used to help vehicles get around.

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GMOs in the Food You Eat

GMOs have become extremely popular in the foods that many of us eat every day. In fact, estimates suggest that upwards of 80 percent of all U.S. processed foods contain GMOs.

The U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has declared GMO foods to be safe for consumption, despite many arguments concerning the health risks associated with GMO foods. Sixty other developed countries consider GMO foods to be unsafe and unhealthy. Australia, Japan, and the European Union have placed important restrictions and bans on the manufacture and sale of GMO foods.

The FDA has not regulated the labeling for GMO foods, however, there are thousands of products labeled "Non-GMO" to assist consumers. This is part of the Non-GMO project developed to help people avoid products that have been genetically engineered or modified.

There has been a long debate over GMO foods and certain health risks associated. Regardless of the health concerns, consuming these foods is a personal choice. Some people have begun to actively avoid eating foods produced in this manner, taking on what could be described as a non-GMO lifestyle.