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What Is The IMS Treatment And How Is It Useful?

Saturday , 11, September 2021 Comments Off on What Is The IMS Treatment And How Is It Useful?

IMS represents Intramuscular Stimulation. IMS is a valuable and very useful treatment technique used to liberate the deep fibers of the tight muscles. People are often found to consult physiotherapists regarding this treatment tool as it neither includes medication nor requires invasion. 

It's a contemporary pain reduction management tool that has been adopted from a traditional physiotherapy model, acupuncture. 

To be explained precisely, physiotherapists make use of a dry needle in this method and insert it inside your tight muscles to evoke contraction of muscles trailed by reflex relaxation. Find out more about dry needling therapy via

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This treatment is a versatile technique primarily used by specialists to address a host of issues. It's not painful but may arouse a little discomfort from inside. 

However, IMS presents profound outcomes, especially, when applied in combination with exercise therapy and rehabilitation that are compatible with your symptoms and body type.

Professional physiotherapists, as they deal with thousands of other similar issues, are able to better handle your situation. The expert only will tell you whether you need IMS treatment or manual therapy or any other simple exercise module that can work for you at that point in time.

This latest treatment technique is capable of addressing multiple types of pains, from collision to sports injuries, that physiotherapists come across almost every day. IMS treatment is also quite popular and famous among patients. In addition, it's nearly a painless approach to recover from chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain.