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Why Does Food Taste Better When Cooked with Wine?

Thursday , 26, March 2020 Comments Off on Why Does Food Taste Better When Cooked with Wine?


We all have seen Michelin star chefs using a fine bottle of wine while cooking. The truth is that adding wine has nothing to do with showing-off and instead it is all about uplifting the flavor of the food. If you wish to know what makes food taste better when cooked with wine, these are a few reasons behind that make the food more delicious.

  1. Due to the Alcohol Content – Wine contains alcohol and it is due to the presence of alcohol which improves and offers the foods flavors. Moreover, alcohol helps to release trapped molecules of the food making it more flavorful. Moreover, wines are used for making rich and delicious sauce after the alcohol evaporates.
  2. Due to the Tannins Content – The tannins are what make the food even more interesting. Instead of pouring on the dish, it is best to have it side-by-side with your favorite food. For instance; if you have cooked a steak, you can enjoy with a glass of delicious Cabernet Sauvignon.
  3. Due to the Acidity Content – Since there are many types of wines, the acidity levels are also different. However, in order to enjoy with food, the acidity level of the food and wine should be on the same level. For instance; if you’re making tomato sauce, you can make the sauce more-richer by making it with a red wine such as the likes of Chianti. Remember, tomato is highly acidic and the same goes for the Chianti.

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