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Why Plastic Pallets Are A Smart Choice?

Monday , 23, March 2020 Comments Off on Why Plastic Pallets Are A Smart Choice?

Do you always have a heap of broken, unusable timber pallets that must be fixed or replaced? Is your product getting damaged during storage or shipment due to broken wood pallets? Are you having problems getting your product through customs because of your wood pallets? 

If the answer to these questions is “Yes” then the solution to this problem is Plastic Pallets. They can be found in a huge array of footprints and forms like nestable, stackable, rackable, flame retardant, drum, and export items.

They are excellent for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution programs. Organizations are changing to plastic sheeting since they understand the economic, ergonomic and ecological advantages they provide.

Improved Performance

  • They operate well in a closed loop system since they can generate a high number of excursions until they have to be recycled.
  • Many variations are compatible conveying and automatic handing systems and lower the opportunity of equipment jams because of substandard pallets.
  • Reduction in sorting prices because of damaged pallets.
  • Reduced time spent sweeping up wood chips and loose nails.

Reduction in Product Damage

  • The durability, constant service, and sleek molded style of plastic pallets offer a more secure environment to boat and keep your merchandise on, leading to less product damage.
  • They won't corrode, dent, chip, splinter, rot or rust with time, all things which may influence the ethics of a timber pallet and finally undermine the protection of your product should they fail.
  • There are no claws or missing planks to deal with that may also lead to product damage.