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Why Rodents Are A Serious Problem And Why Don’t We Have Them As Pets?

Sunday , 13, June 2021 Comments Off on Why Rodents Are A Serious Problem And Why Don’t We Have Them As Pets?

Rodents may seem small and cute to some people, and some even keep them as pets, however, there are reasons as to why rodents should not become pets.

holding a rodent

Rodents in the home can be a significant problem for a variety of reasons. This includes their destructive nature in building their nests, which is done by chewing and scratching through various material including walls, wood, plaster and electrical cables. Additionally, they create a toxic environment through the defecation around the house as their droppings can become widespread and urine has a strong ammonia-like smell.

If this wasn’t enough reason not to keep them as pets, consider that they also transmit disease and illness. The unclean nature of rodents in the home causes people to become ill, as well as promote the growth and spread of other diseases and toxins in the home, including mould, which can be a significant health risk. This risk is increased for anyone with current respiratory or immune disorders. As such, the best way to manage this is with a rodent control service.

Rodent control services will assess your home and help you to eliminate rodents. This is usually done through baiting or trapping. Once this is established, a pest controller will also usually provide advice on how to secure your home against future rodent infestations. This may include eliminating entry points and holes, as well as ensuring food sources are properly stored.


image by Vivatier

Rodents can be highly destructive in the home as well as spread disease and illness. For these reasons, they should be avoided as domestic pets. If you do have a rodent issue, be sure to contact a rodent control service to discuss your options, including managing a current issue or eliminating a reoccurrence.